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What does GSR stand for? This is one of the most common questions we're asked... the answer lies in our history! One evening in December, 2003, mentor and former apprentices reunited to share their jewelery creations with Mankato. The GOLDSMITHS REUNION, or GSR for short, was created. We've come a long way in 16 years! In our first year, we had three artists gather for one evening, and in 2018 we welcomed more than 45 artists for a two-day event.

What can I expect? The GSR weekend is about connecting local artists with the community. So meet your friends, bring your kids, and come on in. Walk around, ask the artists about their inspiration, process, studio, and more! Beer, wine, and food are available for purchase . Take in some live music. It's okay not to purchase anything, but we hope you'll find something you can't live without. Our artists have everything from a small gift for a friend, to something special that speaks to your heart, and everything in between! 

Where should I park? The City of Mankato provides lots of options on their website

How does it work? We're a juried show. In September of each year, artists submit an application with photos of their work. Artists pay a booth fee to participate, and the money pays for our event space and marketing.  All administrative work is done by a team of volunteers. 

Can I volunteer? Oh yes!  We'd love for you to lend a hand, send us an email, and let us know you want to help. We've got jobs as easy as hanging posters around town, or helping with set-up and take-down. Or if you'd like to get more involved, we've got bigger jobs like grant writing or seeking local sponsorships.

What % of sales does the GSR take?  None! 100% of your purchase goes directly to the artists.

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  1. Sara Nett
  2. Sacha Bliese
  3. Tom Bliese
  4. Patty Conlin
The GSR Fine Art Festival is dedicated to presenting an opportunity for the public to engage with creating artists.  We encourage and support visual artists by producing an affordable, convenient, professional venue for them to gain exposure and display and sell their works.  We also celebrate local musicians by inviting them to perform on our GSR stage.

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